What are HEETS? Referenced from https://www.180smoke.ca/ by Uwoo heat not burn heat device

Designed to work exclusively with the IQOS heat-not-burn device, HEETS, also known as HeatSticks, are specially developed tobacco units for use in the IQOS holder. In essence, HEETS serve as the core nicotine delivery system for the IQOS and allows the user to actually inhale and enjoy nicotine from their device. referenced to uwooheatnotburn.com

While the HEETS are comprised primarily of tobacco, these are in no way the same as cigarettes and are treated differently to allow for proper vaporization. According to the manufacturer, Philip Morris International (PMI), HEETS contain a mix of tobacco and glycerin. The glycerin is a core component of HEETS, as it functions in the vaporization process and helps carry the nicotine to the user through a sort of steam. The glycerin used in HEETS is safe for human consumption and is already prevalent in e-liquids and food products. The tobacco contains 0.5mg of nicotine in each stick.

In addition to tobacco and glycerin, HEETS are also comprised of an outer layer with aluminum foil, a hollow cellulose acetate mouthpiece, and a heat-absorbing biopolymer film filter. The biopolymer filter absorbs heat and changes its structure over time. This means if users take stronger puffs the cellulose filter will deform fasters and may seem burned. After cooling down, the filter will become hardened, making it impossible to use again.

To use HEETS, users simply need to insert the sticks into the IQOS holder, where it will then be heated up to 350˚C. The users then just needs to inhale off the filter of the HEETS to enjoy the flavour and hit of nicotine. It should be noted that each HEET contains only 6.1grams of tobacco, which is less than in a standard cigarette.

It should be noted that you cannot use traditional cigarettes in any IQOS device. The IQOS devices are designed to work specifically with HEETS and they will not function with any other tobacco product. In the same vein, HEETS cannot be smoked or used in the same way as cigarettes.